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Monthly Weather Summary



MAY 2015

            May first, 2015 was a cloudy and cool day across Belize.  Minimal rainfall activity was observed. A ridge in the  Gulf of Mexico supported a cool and moist north-easterly air flow, while a stationary front was observed from Northern Honduras to Cuba. On the second and third day, the ridge continued to support the moist north-easterly flow. As a result a few showers affected coastal areas.

            From the fourth to the thirteenth, after the ridge collapsed, a dry  and gusty (at times) east-south-easterly air flow developed. A the same time, a convergent pattern developed aloft.

            On the fourteenth and fifteenth, the upper- levels became divergent over the southern areas of the country.  As a result, night time thunderstorms were observed over the extreme south, while minimal rainfall activity was observed elsewhere.

            The weather remained fair and mostly dry on the sixteenth and seventeenth, then night time thunderstorms were once again observed over the extreme south on the eighteenth.

            A convergent pattern developed and prevailed between the nineteenth and twenty-second. At the lower-levels, a dry pattern persisted and minimal rainfall activities were observed.

            On the twenty-third, an upper -level trough moved over the area, supporting a divergent pattern.  A few showers and thunderstorms affected most areas of the country.

            The pattern aloft changed as early as the twenty-third night and became convergent. From such time to the thirtieth, fair and mostly dry weather prevailed across the country.

            Another trough aloft on the thirty-first and increased moisture at the lower-levels supported a few showers and thunderstorms.

            In conclusion, observation indicates that May 2015 was mostly dry across Belize.  An east to south-easterly flow, gusty at times, prevailed for majority of the days.  Two upper-level troughs and increased low-level moisture supported the bulk of the rainfall on the twenty-third and on the thirty-first.