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Monthly Weather Summary



JUNE 2016


June marks the start of the rainy season in Belize which coincides with the hurricane season that runs from June to November. Weather conditions were mainly fair across the country during the first couple of days. An approaching tropical wave during the Friday 3rd supported a east-northeasterly airflow and an increase in moisure and showers over northern areas of the country as a developing low was observed to the east. The developing low / area of disturbed weather maintained moist and unstable conditions the next few days with showers and thunderstorms spreading across the country from the southwest to the northeast during Sat 4th and spread northeastwards across central and northern areas during Sun. 5th. By midday the low / area of disturbed weather was upgraded to tropical Depression #3 and to Tropical Storm Colin just north of Yucatan later that evening. Except for lingering showers and thundestoerms over the south of the country, weather conditions improved over-night Monday 6th into Tuesday 7th.

During the Tuesday 7th, a tough of low pressure developed over the Northwest Caribbean Sea from east of Belize to south Florida. The resulting east-southeasterly flow at the surface and low levels resulted in showers spreading northwestwards across central and northern areas of the country through Friday 10th. An induced surface trough / reflection of an upper level low then approached our area. As the upper level low crossed southern Belize the surface trough / wave moved across 86w south of 15n. The increase in moisture along with a diffluent / diverent upper level pattern between the low and a trailing upper level ridge supported showers and thunderstorms through Saturday 11th into Sunday 12th.

Mainly fair weather prevailed during the daytime of Monday 13th through Thursday 16th under the influence of a moderate and gusty east-southeasterly airflow. However, a few showers and thunderstorms affecting mostly the south of the country during the night-time / early morning hours. Another tropical wave crossed the country during Friday 17th. The wave was accompanied by a weak low at low to mid levels of the atmosphere east of northern Belize and Yucatan and supported a surge in low level winds. Showers and thunderstorms affected northern and inland areas during peak daytime heating hours, then increased along the central and northern coastline during the night-time resulting in localized floodings of streets and residents in the north. The low continued to influence our weather with an MCS developing over the Ladyville  / Belize City area over-night Friday 18th into Saturday 19th and produced heavy rainfall accumulation at the PGIA by midday Sunday 19th. The system tracked across southeastern Mexico / Yucatan and Guatemala and was upgrded to Tropica Depression #4 over the southern Gulf of Mexico by Saturday 19th and eventually into tropical storm Danielle over the southwest Gulf of Mexico / Bay of Campeche early Sunday 20th.   

A relatively moist east-northeasterly airflow prevaled as yet another tropical wave approached and was supported by diffleunt pattern aloft between the low over northwestern Yucatan and ridge dominating northern Central America and the western Caribbean. A weak low developed in association with the wave along 87W then crossed the country during Tuesday 22nd. Showers, thunderstorms and periods of rain affected most areas of the country through Wednesday 23rd then occurred in a more diurnal pattern the next few days affecting especially the south during the night-time.

An upper level trough was over the Bay of Campeche as another tropical wave approached the country and supported an eastnortheasterly surface and low level flow. The wave crossed the area over-night Monday 27th into Tuesday 28th and showers and thunderstorms affected most areas. Except for night-time showers continuing to affect the south of the country at night-time, weather conditions were mainly fair over most areas the next few days through the end of the month.   



M.  Gentle.