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Monthly Weather Summary






June 2014



Moist and unstable conditions prevailed across the country at the start of the month of June. A fresh and gusty east-southeasterly airflow dominated at the surface and low levels due to a trough over the Gulf of Mexico while at the upper levels a southwesterly flow was produced by a trough with axis west of our area. Showers and thunderstorms originated over the south of the country and spread north and northeast in the deep layer southerly flow. Rainfall amounts range between one and four inches across the country by 9:00am Sunday 1st. Although rainfall amounts decreased, these conditions persisted through Tuesday 3rd. A few showers and periods of light rain continued to affect some areas of the country over-night Wednesday 4th through the morning of Thursday 5th.  

Weather conditions showed some improvement during Thursday 5th as a surface low developed along the axis of the trough over the Bay of Campeche and became stationary. The resulting southeasterly flow at the surface and low levels continued relatively moist the next few days. Some layered clouds produced periods of rain and isolated showers over some areas of the country during Thursday 5th through Monday 9th. Twenrty-four hours rainfall amounts were generally less then 15mm with only trace amounts by Monday 9th.

By Tuesday 10th a ridge at the surface and low levels developed along 24N / 25N and supported a relatively moist and unstable southeasterly flow through Wednesday 18th. At the upper levels a low over the southeastern Gulf of Mexoco extended a trough to the east of Yucatan and over the northwestern Caribbean and supported a weakly divergent northwesterly flow aloft. Moderate to strong convection developed over the south of the country and weakened over-night as they spread north across the country.

An easterly airflow developed during Wednesday 18th through Monday 23rd and continued convergent and gusty ahead of an approaching tropical wave moving west at lower latitudes. The wave crossed Central America south of 16N during Thursday 19th with only isolated showers affecting some southern and central areas. However, heavy rains fell over the south of the sountry through 9:00am Saturday 21st with Punta Gorda recording 56.4mm and Big Falls 53.8mm. Showers continued to affect mainly southern and central areas through Sunday 22nd and northern and inland areas through Monday 23rd.   

Another inactive tropical wave was tracked across the country by Monday 23rd and weather conditions were mainly fair over most areas except for light rainfall amounts over the extreme south and north of the country. A gusty east-southeasterly airflow developed in the wake of the tropical wave and persisted through Thursday 26th with mainly fair conditions. Upper level moisture and as a result total available moisture increased during Friday 27th and showers affected mostly the slopes of the Maya Mountains over-night through the early morning hours while shower activity continued generally isolated over elsewhere.    

A couple tropical waves crossed the area during Saturday 28th and Monday 30th. Very little wind shift was detected with the waves. However, surface and low level winds continued fresh and gusty and from the southeast due to a strong ridge pattern to the north. A ridge / trough pattern dominated at upper levels with a ridge extending east over our area and a trough across the Caribbean combining to support a convergent northwesterly flow aloft. Light rainfall amounts affected the central and southern areas of the country associated with the second tropical wave. Conditions improved to yield mainly fair weather through Monday 30th.        






M.  Gentle.